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We are available for a variety of projects, such as logo design, corporate identity packages (stationery, brochures), and web site design, including online stores and sites with dynamic content. High quality and affordable rates, combined with the unique bonuses we offer (details follow), make our studio a perfect choice for all types of businesses.

Here are the key benefits of placing a design project with us:

  • Rich choice: At the first stage of a project, after we collect all necessary information, we present several significantly different initial drafts for you to choose from. And after you select one of the drafts, you can still submit an unlimited number of requests for further changes and improvements. The project ends only when you absolutely love the result.

  • No-risk scheme: Even after we fully arrange a project, you have absolutely no obligations whatsoever up to the point when you accept or approve one of the initial drafts. No advance payments, no risk, no hassles. In fact, you can try out our services for free---paying only if you are satisfied by what you get.

  • Flat rate: We do not charge per-hour or per-page rates, negotiating instead for a fixed fee depending on the complexity of the project. Thus, what you pay does not depend on how many iterations we'll need to zero in on the final result, nor on how much time it will take.

    Dmitry Kirsanov Studio serves customers across the globe (as of November 1999, we've had clients in 12 countries) using an Internet-based interactive communication model to speed up production and minimize the overhead. Our customers have commented that, despite the lack of personal contacts, they were pleased to get a prompter and more personalized service from us than what they used to receive from local vendors.

    All-in-all, our design offerings are a unique opportunity for those who are serious about their design needs but cannot afford budgets usually associated with this quality of design. Please visit our portfolio to see what sorts of projects we're up to.

    If you already have a web site, you can call us to evaluate its design quality, content structure, usability, and accessibility. You'll get plenty of quick and easy-to-follow suggestions on how to significantly improve your site in-house without having to pay for professional design services.

    Thinking about launching a startup? You can get experience-based advice on all aspects of corporate identity and promotion. With a careful insight into your particular situation, we'll provide quick answers and justified discussion for these questions:

  • How to choose the best name for your company

  • Which of the many design styles to prefer for your logo, corporate identity materials, web site

  • How to shape your ad campaign, on the web and elsewhere

  • What you should expect to pay for design services

  • Any other design- and web-related questions you might have

    Our consulting services are affordable, immediate, and professional. Contact us for the answers you were looking for!

    Read more about our studio or how to contact us.

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