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Dmitry Kirsanov Studio was founded in 1998 by Dmitry Kirsanov, an author and designer known for his design-related writing in English and in Russian. Dmitry's most influential projects to date are the Design Lab at Webreference.com, a monthly column teaching creative fundamentals of web design, and Dmitry Kirsanov's Web Design Book (in Russian) .

The Studio's design practice is, for the most part, based on the theoretic foundation of Dmitry's writings. We strive for clean-looking, aesthetically impeccable and universally appealing designs. We promote the importance of structure as a key link between content and presentation, allowing to unite these two equally important aspects into an integral whole. We believe that good design for the web must be as browser-neutral as possible.

Our practice of working in close contact with our customers allows us to create products that ideally match a particular customer's tastes and requirements. Positioned as a design firm For Those Who Care™, we will communicate with you throughout a project in a friendly, no-nonsense and no-buzzwords manner, shaping the project requirements to match both your priorities and accepted practice.

Diverse real-world experience backs up our competitive consulting services in the field of corporate design and web technologies. For a small fee, we'll provide comprehensive, justified, example-based advice answering any questions you might have about your current or future web site, elements of your corporate or advertisement style.

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