A game of balance

The Lifemakers Studio announces Batonic

Fast, frenzied, fun-filled game testing your agility and physical intuition

Halifax, Canada, July 24, 2016 — Balance the baton on the tip of your finger — and deflect hordes of creatures that fall from the sky trying to strike you out of equilibrium. Hours of balancing and creature-squashing fun!

With a simple premise but challenging, addictive, adrenaline-filled gameplay, the new Android arcade by Lifemakers Studio tests your agility and precision, your ability to learn and adapt. Featuring believable 2D physics, attractive graphics, and catchy music, Batonic is built on an original idea and is not a rehash of any known game.

A casual game where you can start playing in seconds, Batonic has little rules or story to learn. However, there is quite a learning curve to handling your baton so it doesn't fall! The first Days (levels) are easy enough for a preschooler — but surviving to the end of the last Day is no mean accomplishment for any adult.

Batonic is free to play (ad-supported). The first release features 10 Days, each with a different set of conditions — winds, gravity, types and behaviors of the creatures. In future versions, we will be adding more Days and creatures as well as social media features (achievements, global leaderboards). We also plan to offer in-app purchases of extra batons and unlock keys to play Days out of sequence.

Key features:

  • Unique new concept
  • Fast, adrenaline-filled gameplay
  • Difficulty ranging from easy to insane
  • Realistic physics
  • Funny graphics and catchy music

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