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Months of hard work developing, designing, and testing are over. Brace for months of even harder work promoting it, supporting real-world Batonic players, and frantically releasing updates!

Get the game on your phone or tablet, play it, and leave your rating/review on the Google Play page! We would hugely appreciate if you also let us know directly on Twitter or by email.

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Batonic: a game of balance and agility

What is Batonic?

A fast, frenzied, fun-filled arcade! Prop the baton on the tip of your finger — and deflect hordes of creatures that fall from the sky trying to strike you out of balance. Hours of balancing and creature-squashing fun!

You were just trying to practice with your baton...

...But the sky is teeming with creatures mysteriously attracted to circus performances. Hapless Bubbels, sit-happy Squabs, nosey Triangels will bomb you down unless you juggle them off with your flamboyant magic baton.

Become a master twirler: Shrink them all into nothingness!

Batonic gameplay

Batonic is a casual kind of game with no rules or story to learn. Play in seconds, lose your first baton in minutes... keep steadily mastering it for hours!

This is a game of quick reaction, agility, and physical intuition: you need to be constantly alert and quick to right the tilt. With a simple premise but challenging, addictive, adrenaline-filled gameplay, Batonic tests your agility and precision, your ability to adapt and to make quick decisions.

Ten days to survive

The game is divided into Days (levels) of increasing difficulty, each with a different set of conditions — winds, gravity, types and behaviors of the creatures. The first Days are easy enough for a preschooler, but surviving till the end of Day 10 (even though you have nine spare batons when you start) is no mean accomplishment for any adult.

Winds and gravity change, creatures bounce, stick, explode, your own baton sometimes behaves like a wild horse... luckily, playing Batonic is a learnable skill — the more you play it, the better you get at it. And sometimes, the very threats that bombard you can help you stay afloat!

Batonic bliss

Batonic addicts you by giving a soothing sense of control over what looks madly uncontrollable... and certainly is in real life. Granted, this sense of control is not automatic: you have to learn Batonic — and the difficulty curve is pretty steep. But when you're finally fully confident that, at least in this Day, nothing can unsaddle you anymore: What a joy! Batonic bliss!

Flip baton for fun and profit

One of the thrills of the game is when your baton flips over — but you manage to catch and steady it! To reinforce your feeling of achievement and promote courageous acrobatics, Batonic awards you extra 100 points for each baton flip that you survive!

The story of Batonic

Batonic started its life as a toy program in Python that we made to teach our son the basics of programming. After we recognized the potential of the idea, we upgraded from Python+Pygame to Java, Google's Android Studio, LibGDX with Box2D for physics... and spent an insane amount of time in Inkscape creating graphics and in MMA writing the music. The Lifemakers Studio was born.

Version 4 is now on!

What's new:

  • TABLE OF RECORDS! Now you can review your score (batons left, points, kill rate) for any of the Days you have conquered. Impress your friends!
  • REPLAY ANY LEVEL! From the Records page, just tap any unlocked Day to replay or practice it. If you improve your score for that Day, it gets written back into the Records table.
  • Batonic remembers and restores your last Day
  • New nicer icon
  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements across the board

Rave reviews

Translated from Russian: Batonic: A Game of Balance is a nice arcade game which will be a great timekiller, there is nothing extra in it, just play and have fun, breaking your own records. Resulting score: 5.0.

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About us

Lifemakers is a small, family-based indie game studio in Canada. Our philosophy is simple: the best games are those that are exciting but simple, overwhelming but nuanced, and at times bewildering — just like life.

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