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This web site was produced using XSLT from XML source. As this technology is relatively new, we decided to share the software we have developed for our site. Enjoy!

Feel free to browse our stylesheets. You can borrow ideas, approaches, and code for your own projects. (And of course, bugfixes and suggestions are welcome.)

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XML is a universal solution for any structured information. On this web site, we use XML because it allows us to separate the site’s content from how it is presented and laid out.

This means that we can make updates to the site by editing the XML source, and the stylesheet will take care of everything else.

This also means we can make changes to the design by editing the stylesheet, and all pages of the site will be updated automatically.

Not only HTML is produced from XML, but the Flash menu, GIF headings, and all thumbnail screenshots are also generated automatically by an XSLT stylesheet from XML source and raw graphics.

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Software you'll need

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First, you’ll need to install some software to process XML and graphic files. All XML-related software listed here is cross-platform, free, and/or open source.

jdk is the Java environment we use to run Saxon, Wave, as well as our own bits of Java code.
Saxon (version 6.4.3 or newer) is the XSLT processor we use.

Imagemagick (version 5.4.2 or newer) does all bitmap graphic work.
Saxess Wave (free version 0.7) creates the Flash menu.

Also, in designing the site we used Xara X. It’s not part of the automated site setup, but if you have it, you’ll be able to view the source vector files included in the package.

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The package

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Download the package (zip, 2Mb), unzip it into an empty directory and follow directions in the file readme.


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