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This page gives basic information about our design offers and our interactive project workflow. To find out more or request a quote, write us.

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No risk

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All of our design projects are covered by the no risk guarantee. This means you have no obligations whatsoever up to the point when you accept or approve one of the drafts.

In fact, you can try out our services for free — paying only if you are satisfied by what you get. No advance payments, no risk, no hassles.

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Flat rate

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Normally, we do not charge per-hour or per-page rates. Instead, we negotiate for a fixed fee depending on the complexity of the project.

Thus, what you pay does not depend on how many iterations we’ll need to zero in on the final result, nor on how long it will take.

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Logo design

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A logo project starts with an interactive session where we encourage you to share as much information as possible about your company, your roots, and your priorities.

Things we are interested in are the etymology of your company name, your industry and competitors, your favorite logos of any kind, your stylistic preferences, etc.

Once we get your idea of the ideal logo, we can work on the initial design concepts. This usually takes a week or two, whereafter we present the drafts to you and the interactive refinement process begins.

It may take many iterations to refine the chosen concept. We are willing to explore any imaginable variations in all aspects of the design, so the final logo may differ a lot from the original concept.

During our work on a logo, we will communicate by email, or we can set up a private forum so your entire staff can participate in the discussion. The final logo is delivered in any vector or bitmap formats.

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Logo extras

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At no additional fee, we can assist with registering your new logo as a trademark in the US. We will prepare all the paperwork so you’ll only have to sign the application and mail it in.

Another service that comes with all logo projects is lifetime support. This means you can always consult us on the best use of your logo in projects of any kind.

Best of all, this support is free for all our logo customers, for as long as your logo is actively used!

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Web site design

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Logistics of a web site project is naturally more complex compared to a logo project. First, we need to clearly define the scope of the site and the range of technologies that will be involved.

Deliverables for a web site project may range from a set of static HTML templates to a turn-key XML-based system including installation instructions, training, and support.

An important aspect of a project is the artwork and/or photography to use in design. We can find stock photo or stock art for you, or our affiliated artists can create exclusive artwork for your project.

We can create an animated Flash intro or presentation for your site. Also, we can do any server-side programming (such as feedback form, forum, or even a complete online store).

After these aspects are sorted out, design work can start, covered by the same no risk guarantee. Typical timeframes are one month to several months, depending on the complexity of the project.


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